We serve businesses with large patent portfolios and those just starting to file their first patents. Wherever your company is at in its intellectual property protection adventure, we’re ready to help you get a good picture of what’s being patented and by what competitors. Whatever the size of your business, we’re ready to help you get a quality patent search product.

Reasons to use us:

  • We use LexisNexis TotalPatent to giving our patent searches broad coverage TotalPatent covers patents and patent applications from 130 countries
  • We offer flexible pricing and provide a firm cost quote for each project
  • All of our patent searches are performed by US nationals. We do not outsource our patent searches to non-US nationals or patent search services in non-US countries
  • Searches include text searchable PDF copies of cited documents at no extra charge for the U.S., WIPO/PCT, EPO and many other patent authorities
  • Customized search reports to suit your requirements are also available

We know you have many choices for your patent research needs and we’d like to be one of them. While it may be challenging to find a reliable patent search firm, we make sure your expectations are met or exceeded. Don’t take our word for it, click here to see what our clients say about us.

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Reasons to get a patent search:

A patent search offers you a great deal of useful information. A patent search report may tell you if your company is indeed the first to invent the best new kitchen gadget, toy, or composite jet engine fan blade. A good patent search may help you decide whether to invest more in the prototype, manufacturing equipment, orders, or patent application.

A patent search report can help your patent attorney write a patent application. Your patent application can state why your invention is an improvement over what was found in the patent search report.

You can also ask a patent attorney to write a patentability opinion based on a patent novelty search report. A patentability opinion written by a patent attorney states how likely they think you may or may not be able to get a patent on your invention based on the prior art found in the patent search report.

A patent attorney may also use the results of a patent non-infringement search to form a non-infringement opinion. This type of patent attorney opinion may help your company decide on whether to invest in a new product in light of other patents it may or may not infringe when making, using or selling that product.

The US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) may take several years to examine your patent application. Having a look at this prior art (older inventions and patents) ahead of time allows your business to make different decisions on how best to proceed with its goals.

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