What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Services:

“In working with Planet Patent over the years, I have found their services excellent, both thorough and affordable for my clients. I highly recommend Planet Patent for all patent and technology searching.”

Raymond Van Dyke, Patent Attorney, Washington, DC, USA

“Planet Patent offers a very good patent search that combines both US and international references. Their searches are not cluttered with marginally relevant references, but at the same time they find all the key references that need to be considered. I have no problem recommending their search services to inventors and others.”

Gene Quinn, Patent Attorney & Founder of IPWatchdog.com, Washington, DC, USA

“I got in touch with Planet Patent, really, out of desperation. I work at a major university and have professional research librarians at my disposal, but all had drawn blanks in digging up a very particular Swiss patent. All I knew was the overall structure of the circuit contained within the patent, a rough year, possible assignee and the inventor. I called the Swiss patent office, which was very friendly, but of no help. I even managed to track down the original inventor (96 years of age at the time), who was convinced the Swiss patent office had misplaced his patent because even he couldn’t find it. After just three minutes of phone contact with Planet Patent, Glen was on the case like a hunting dog tracking some elusive critter. Within a day he managed to dig up a host of patents… sure enough, one was the slippery beast we had been hunting. The original inventor passes on his hearty “thanks” to Planet Patent as well as it solves a decades-long mystery… the reason the inventor couldn’t find it was because even he got the filing dates wrong and had lost his paperwork in moves between Switzerland and the US. So Many Thanks Planet Patent — you guys have done a stellar job and earned ALL of our future work!”

Dr. Ron Barrett, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

“We have used PlanetPatent.com as our primary patent search vendor since 2006 for patentability, invalidity and right-to-use/clearance searches. The searches prepared by PlanetPatent.com have been done with the highest quality and at a very reasonable price. When we need expedited searches, PlanetPatent.com was unbelievably accommodating and provided the searches on time, without breaking the bank to meet our sometimes unreasonable time constraints. When we had special requests or needed the search results prepared in a specific format, PlanetPatent.com willingly modified their work product and worked closely with us to make sure it met our needs. When we have had questions, PlanetPatent.com has been very responsive, and, if there was an issue, addressed it immediately and the first time. I recommend PlanetPatent.com without reservation.”

Steve Roe, Patent Attorney, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

“I used PlanetPatent.com and was pleased with their service. I would recommend any inventor to use their service rather than trying to do a patent search on their own.”

Palmer Robeson, Inventor, McLean, Virginia, USA

“Planet Patent performed a prior art search for me on a mechanical device and caught several relevant patented inventions that I missed in my own search. This showed it would not have been worth it to me to pursue an application of my own. The search saved me considerable wasted money on what would have been a fruitless effort.”

Raoul Drapeau, Inventor, Vienna, Virginia, USA