Confidential – Proprietary

Do the following:

1. Option A:

Complete the form electronically, then email it back to us


Complete the form manually, then send it back to us via fax, scanning and then emailing
or by postal mail.

Option B:

We can receive your contact information from you first and then we will fill out the form, sign it, and send it back to you.

2. After you receive the signed copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement form from us, complete and send us your completed invention disclosure form.

If you have questions or difficulties with the forms, call us at 1-866-U-INVENT (1-866-846-8368)
or 571-858-5653. International callers dial 011-571-858-5653.
Our other contact information:
Fax: 571-858-5653 (call before faxing)
Mailing address: Planet Patent, PO Box 5093, Baltimore, MD 21220 USA.


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Phone Number
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Planet Patent
PO BOX 9962
Alexandria, VA 22304 USA
Phone: 1-800-U-Invent
Phone: 571-858-5653


PROPRIETARY MATERIALS (items, documents, or models loaned-describe or identify fully, including number of additional sheets attached):

BORROWER acknowledges and agrees as follows:

1) Borrower:

a. has received the above Proprietary Materials from Lender (-)

b. understands that LENDER will immediately send the above PROPRIETARY MATERIALS to BORROWER upon LENDER’S receipt, from BORROWER, of a signed copy of this Agreement (-)

[BORROWER cross out (a) and initial (b), or vice versa, as appropriate]

2) These PROPRIETARY MATERIALS contain valuable proprietary information of LENDER. This proprietary information constitutes a trade secret of LENDER and loss or outside disclosure of these materials or the information contained within these materials will harm lender economically.

3) BORROWER acknowledges that these PROPRIETARY MATERIALS are furnished to BORROWER under the following conditions:

4) These PROPRIETARY MATERIALS and the information they contain shall be used by BORROWER solely to review or evaluate a proposal or information from, supply a quotation to, or provide a component or item for LENDER.

a. BORROWER agrees not to disclose these PROPRIETARY MATERIALS or the information they contain except to any persons within BORROWER’S organization having a good faith “need to know” same for the purpose of fulfilling the terms of this Agreement. If necessary, BORROWER may make additional copies of this Agreement and have each such person sign a copy of this Agreement and furnish such copy(ies) to LENDER.

b. BORROWER and all persons within BORROWER’S organization shall exercise a high degree of care to safeguard these PROPRIETARY MATERIALS and the information they contain from access or disclosure to all unauthorized persons.

c. BORROWER shall not make any copies of these PROPRIETARY MATERIALS except upon written permission of LENDER and BORROWER and shall return all PROPRIETARY MATERIALS (including any copies made) to LENDER at any time upon request by LENDER.

5) These terms shall not apply to any information which BORROWER can document becomes part of the general public knowledge without fault of BORROWER or comes into BORROWER’S possession in good faith without restriction.


BORROWER: Planet Patent (the doing business as name of Ideation Headquarters LLC)

BORROWER Signature: